The Longacre Elementary Choir

The Longacre Elementary Choir is comprised of fourth and fifth grade students. We do not hold auditions to join. All children are encouraged and welcomed to participate in choir.

Choir meets once weekly for 40 minutes on Monday afternoons. Choir is part of Farmington Public Schools’ music curriculum. This means that it is not considered an extra-curricular activity and children who participate in choir do not miss instructional time in the classroom.

Our primary objectives for choir are:

1. Developing our singing skills through vocal warm-ups, diction and vowel sounds.
2. Developing our ensemble skills through blending our voices to sound as one and singing with expression.
3. Developing our audiation skills through learning melody, counter-melody, and harmony parts.
4. Developing our music appreciation skills through performing music of many cultures and historical styles.

Check this page often for updates to our performance calendar!

Fall Concert
7:00 pm
Longacre Elementary
Day for Singing
Duckel MS
Spring Concert
7:00 pm
Longacre Elementary