Longacre Elementary would like to graciously recognize Target® in its efforts to support our World Music Drumming Program. This grant is part of ongoing efforts by Target to strengthen families and communities throughout the country. Since opening its doors, Target has given 5 percent of its income to organizations that support education, the arts, social services and volunteerism. Today that translates to more than $3 million every week.

“At Target, our local grants are making a difference in the communities we serve,” said Laysha Ward, vice president, community relations, Target. “We’re proud to partner with Longacre Elementary as part of our ongoing commitment to give back to the communities where our guests and team members live and work.”
With the funds provided by Target®, we were able to purchase 18 African Tubanos and 1 Ngoma. This enables ALL Longacre students to engage in a "hands-on" learning experience during each music class.

"We're teaming up for teamwork!"
"Look at our perfect drumming technique!"